Our Australian Freedom Movement has grown from strength to Strength in 2022.

World Wide Rally for Freedom. Reclaim the Line. Millions March. Convoy to Canberra. Mission to Melbourne.

Our Rallies have brought hundreds of thousands of people to the Streets to take a stand.

The Truth about Lockdowns and Mandates has reached the mainstream consciousness.

While the establishment begs for “Pandemic Amnesty”, we move forward confidently building our vision of the future.

We can stand proud and say that we were right when it mattered.

We can know that we did the best by our future generations of Australians by fighting for Freedom.

Our community has mobilized to take back this country and steer it towards a new path.

What better way to see out the year than by coming together as one in the Lockdown Capital of Australia, Melbourne.

You will meet many new friends and rekindle old ones.

We will be holding awards for those who have made the greatest contributions to our movement this year.

Our guest list is rapidly filling with the most impactful names you know and love, who have been there for us when it mattered most.

This is one night to celebrate our movement and those who make it possible.

This is one night to bring our movement together and spark new energy and potential.

You don’t want to miss this.

Venue: Lui Bar, 525 Collins St, Melbourne Australia.

UPDATE: The Australian Freedom Ball has been reimagined as a Free to Attend event for everyone in our movement to be a part of. (All Ticket purchases will be refunded in full.)

This is your Ball Australia. Take your place in History.