Australia Freedom Action.
Sack Them All. End Vaccine Mandates. End Vaccine Passports. Save Our Children. Freedom Always Wins. We Will Not Comply. No More Lockdowns. Freedom is Essential. No Forced Vaccines.

Australia Freedom Action is dedicated to Direct Action and Civil Disobedience.

We establish and build local vetted and dedicated groups of between ten and twenty people, with strong leadership, to execute targeted and strategic Pro-Freedom action.

We directly disrupt the flow of authoritarianism with public, targeted, and co-ordinated non-violent resistance.

Join our telegram group and channel below, and request to join our vetted Action Group to begin.

Action group members must:
• Be an Australian Citizen between 18 and 50 years old.
• Have attended at least one Australia Freedom Rally event.
• Be vouched for by an existing member.