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\ud83d\uddf3<\/b><\/i>\ud83c\udde6\ud83c\uddfa<\/b><\/i> [Updates] Australia Freedom Campaign<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
Welcome to Australia Freedom Campaign.Australia Freedom Campaign is dedicated to Pro-Freedom Minor Party Political campaigning.We establish and build local vetted and dedicated groups of between ten and twenty people, with strong leadership, to distribute party-neutral messaging to vote for all Pro-Freedom minor parties first in preference order, and all incumbent major parties last.We reach a broad audience with a clear and moderate message: Vote out the major parties.Join our telegram group and channel below, and request to join our vetted Campaign Group to begin.Campaign group members must:\u2022 Be an Australian Citizen between 18 and 50 years old.\u2022 Have attended at least one Australia Freedom Rally event.\u2022 Be vouched for by an existing member.Updates Channel:t.me\/AustraliaFreedomCampaignUpdates<\/a>Discussion Group:t.me\/AustraliaFreedomCampaign<\/a>Website:AustraliaFreedomRally.com\/campaign<\/a>Request to Join Vetted Group:t.me\/+mC5u1-CQNYA1ZDUx<\/a>DM For inquiries:@Dom1nicD<\/a><\/b><\/div>\n\n